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Using your Mobile

There is no cost involved to upgrade your plan. However, if you’re in a contract and downgrade your plan, an early termination fee will apply.

Contact us on live chat if you would like to change your plan.

Dial 0011, then the relevant country code before dialling the international number.

Please check international call rates before making a call.

International Roaming allows you to use your iPrimus SIM card outside Australia through overseas network carriers. Turning it on will likely incur higher charges, that’s why we suggest:

  • Using Wi-Fi
  • Using a prepaid SIM card or a ‘travel pack’ with a set value
  • Using a local SIM card from your destination, make sure you have a compatible unlocked device.

Find out more about International Roaming and rates.

You can request to activate or de-activate International Roaming by contacting our Live Chat Team or by calling  +61 3 8677 2307 if you are overseas.


When someone has left a voicemail message on your service, an SMS notification will be sent to let you know a voicemail message is waiting for you.

  • Text the word ON or OFF to 159 from your mobile
  • Dial 159 from your mobile and follow the prompts