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Your first bill may be a little over your monthly plan fee, as it could include:

  • Pro-rata charges- a portion of your monthly plan fee from activation date up to the end of your billing period.
  • Connection fees- connection fees for your internet (if applicable), Fetch activation fee (if applicable).
  • Other fees- modem fee and/or Fetch Hardware fee


Page 1 - You Bill Summary

"Page 1 - Your Bill Summary"

1. Your Account Name and Service Address

2. Your Bill Generation Date, Bill Reference number and Customer Number

Your Customer Number can be used for:

  • Account Toolbox registration
  • Online or phone payment
  • Verifying your account when calling our Customer Service team

3. Bill Summary

  • Last Bill - total of your previous bill
  • Balance - outstanding amount from your previous bill (if any)
  • This Bill - total charges for the current bill (including GST)
  • Total Amount Due - previous balance (if any) and your current bill combined

4. Your total balance and payment due date

5. Your bill and spend history for the last 3 months

6. Available payment methods– (if you’re on Direct Debit this section is not available)

Credit Card - surcharge fees apply

Direct Debit - no processing fee

BPAY (Biller Code and Reference Number) - $2.50 Fee per payment

Australia Post (barcode) - $3.30 Fee per payment

Never miss a payment and sign up for Direct Debit.


Sample Bill Breakdown


Sample Bill breakdown

1. VOIP/telephone charges - shows all charges for your phone number and it may also include charges for calls/SMS that are not included in your plan.

2. Fetch TV charges - shows Fetch monthly plan fee and any additional purchases such as movies, rentals, subscriptions, etc.

3. Internet charges - shows your internet monthly plan and any speed upgrade fees

4. Other charges and credits - which may include admin fees (such as Non-Direct Debit, BPay or late payment fees) and/or credits applied towards the account.

5. Total Amount Due - indicates total balance due, without GST.

*Please note that all charges on this page are not inclusive of GST

Your monthly bills will be sent to your nominated e-mail address.

You can also view and download your bill in your Account Toolbox.

Go to Bills & Balance > Bill Details 

We’ll let you know if your bill is overdue. You can also check yourself in the Bill and Balance section of Account Toolbox.

Overdue bills may incur a late payment fee of $15.

First Bill
Your first bill after a new connection or relocation may be a little over your monthly plan fee, as it will include:

  • Pro-rata charges: A portion of your monthly plan fee from activation date up to the end of your billing period.
  • Connection fees: Connection fee/s
  • Other Fees: Modem fee or Fetch Activation fee

Bill after Plan Change
Your next bill after Plan Change will be a little over your regular monthly bills as it includes:

  • Pro-rata charges: Your old plan fee until your plan change date
  • New Plan fee: A full month fee of your new plan as your billing cycle has changed.

Final bill
Your Final bill may include the following charges:

  • Monthly Plan fee: Your regular monthly fee.
  • Hardware Repayment fee: If you are on hardware re-payment, you will be billed for the remaining months

Pro-rata is an adjusted payment that makes sure you pay the right amount for the right amount of days.

  • If your plan change takes effect before the next billing cycle, you will be charged for the new plan in advance.
  • On your next bill you will receive a pro-rata credit for the unused portion of your old plan.

    You can check and update your nominated email address in your Account Toolbox.

    Click Bills and Balance
    Go to Bill Details > Billing Status
    Enter your new e-mail address
    Click Save