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Once your new modem is dispatched, we'll send you an SMS with all the tracking information you need.

Shipping times can vary depending on your location, but it normally takes 2-5 business days for hardware to arrive from the time you receive the SMS.

If nobody is home to receive the delivery, your package will be left at your local post office to collect at your convenience.

Here's where you can track your hardware:


Device Partner Track via
Modem Startrack
Fetch TV box Startrack
Fetch TV accessories Toll (Team Global Express)
Mobile SIM Australia Post n/a

Your iPrimus modem will arrive ready to go. Just plug it in! If you still need help setting-up, you can view our set-up guide here.

The router Gateway that iPrimus will provide allows the following connections:

  • 3 Ethernet ports – used for direct cabling to your computers, printers and other devices.
  • 2 USB ports – USB-supported devices can be connected here. Devices, such as external hard drives, can be connected here.
  • Wi-Fi wireless connectivity – many devices can be connected wirelessly to our network using Wi-Fi. Remember that the more devices you have connected at once using Wi-Fi the slower the actual speeds you experience on your service may be.
  • 2 phone ports – this will be for you to plug in additional handsets depending on your voice service.
  • Voice port – located on the nbn™ Fibre Network Termination Unit [NTU] installed at your home/small business that will be used for your True Fibre VoiceTM service on the nbn™.
  • Wide Area Network [WAN] port – this connects you to the nbn™ NTU.

Standard installation fees are:

  • $99 for customers on a month to month plan
  • Free for customers on a 12-month plan

Non-standard installation may incur charges. A $300 New Development Charge by the nbn™ may apply to newly developed areas.

New Development Charges are billed in three instalments over three monthly bills.

We’ll give you nbn™ connection status updates via email and SMS. If you would like to follow up, you can contact us directly via live chat.

The nbn™ or National Broadband Network is a new internet network. It uses fibre optic cables and other new technology that promises to lead Australian homes into the internet of the future. When you connect your internet to the nbn, your home phone line will also run through this network.Want the full run down? Read it all here.

A Static IP address is a fixed public address assigned to your service. The IP address will remain the same as long as you keep the feature on your account. Static IP addresses are commonly used in situations where it is important to have a consistent address, such as for a mail server or security camera.

We offer static IP addresses as an optional add on to our Internet services for $5 per month. This feature can be added to an existing service via ToolBox or by calling our customer service team on 131 789

For more information, please refer to our CGNAT & Static IP page

Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) is a technology used to allow multiple services to share a single public IP address. This means your service will be assigned a private IP address instead of a unique public IP address. Our network will then translate your traffic to a shared public address allowing you access to the Internet.

There are some services which may not work with CGNAT. These may include:

  • Servers: Web Servers, Email Servers and File servers
  • Home Utilities: Security Cameras , Security Systems and home automation that requires external access
  • Remote Access: Access to computers or devices located at your address remotely

From April 2023, all new iPrimus internet service will use CGNat.

Most customers will not experience any change in the way their service works, however if you are experiencing issues please contact our Customer service centre on 131 789 to discuss options

If you have purchased a static IP address, your service will continue to have a consistent external IP address and not be affected by the CGNAT rollout.

For more information, please refer to our CGNAT & Static IP page

No, you can download as much as you like on all of our current nbn plans - they are unlimited! You can still track your usage in the iPrimus Account Toolbox, just remember that it will show both your downloads and uploads combined.


What does this mean?

The terms download and upload refer to the directional traffic that is travelling between your device and the internet.

  • Download: traffic travelling from the internet down to your computer (for example, watching a video on YouTube)
  • Upload: traffic travelling from your computer up to the internet (for example. posting photos to your Facebook timeline)


Do my activities use much data?

Usage can vary wildly depending on the activity, but here are some rough guidelines to give you an idea (measured in MegaBytes):

Internet Browsing 10-50MB an hour
Online Gaming 100-300MB an hour
Netflix HD 1500-3000MB an hour
Netflix 4K 7000MB an hour


Fixed Line connections:

All types of nbn™ access network connections that utilise a physical line running to the premises (FTTP, FTTB, HFC, FTTC and FTTN) are considered Fixed Line connections.

The difference between each type of connection simply comes down to how we utilise existing network technology in connecting the nearest available fibre node to a specific premises.

nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ satellite connections are used mostly in regional and remote areas, where premises are spread out geographically over many square kilometres. iPrimus does not offer Sky Muster™ satellite connections

If a technician is needed to complete your connection, we’ll let you know via SMS.

There may be an interruption with your telephone and/or internet service during installation, depending on your location and services. The nbn™ installer will let you know at the time of your appointment if this is likely to be the case.

With the installation of equipment both inside and outside your home, adverse weather conditions may make installations unsafe for the nbn™ installer. If the weather prevents a safe installation, nbn™ will give you a call and reschedule installation for another day.

 If you need additional work to be done, like installing more cabling or phone points in your home while your NBN Installer is on site, please discuss this in advance. Once the installer assesses your home and confirms with you what type of work is needed, they will provide the costs directly to you.

If the technician is unable to attend the scheduled appointment, contact us via live chat to change your appointment. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you may be charged a fee.

Reschedule an nbn™ connection appointment

Contact us on live chat to reschedule your appointment. If you miss your appointment and do not notify us, you may be charged for the missed appointment, so it is important that you contact us.

Your internet and voice services won’t work if there’s a blackout. This includes all calls to emergency services.

It’s best to keep a charged mobile phone handy at all times in the case of an emergency.

iPrimus does not provide back-up battery. If you wish to get one, please speak to the nbn™ technician during your installation, or visit the nbn™ battery back-up page.

Priority Assistance

We do not offer medical priority assistance. A fibre optic telephony service is not recommended if you or a member of the household has a disability, serious illness, or other life-threatening condition which requires an uninterruptible phone line. Outgoing and incoming calls (including emergency calls) are inaccessible when there is power failure and the battery backup system is not maintained.

Back-to-base, Medical Alarms, and Fax

Back-to-base alarm systems, personal response systems, medical alert/emergency call systems and fax machines may not work over the nbn™. Check with your provider or manufacturer to see if your device is compatible before making the switch to nbn™.