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Help & Troubleshooting

Before troubleshooting, you may check Network Status to see if there are any outages or known issues with our network in your area.

If there is no Outage, please check your Account Balance. If it is overdue, as your service may be restricted

If your internet isn’t working, there could be a number of causes. Line issues, faulty modem and internal wiring problems are common causes of internet faults.Troubleshoot and Log a fault online to help fix the problem.

Slow internet can be caused by:

  • Number of users sharing the same connection
  • The type of activities done (streaming, downloading, etc.)
  • Your device type and specifications
  • Your location and distance from the exchange
  • Your network access (NBN, ADSL, Cable, etc.)
  • The quality of the infrastructure
  • Peak and Off-peak periods

To know more about what plan/speed fits your internet needs, you may check nbn™ speeds

You may also check out our DIY 'I am experiencing slow speeds’ troubleshooting page and follow the steps to find out more.

If our Technical Support team diagnose that your hardware is at fault and it is still under warranty, we can organise a replacement free of charge. You’ll receive an SMS from us with tracking information.

Shipping times can vary depending on your location, but it normally takes 2-5 business days for hardware to arrive from the time you receive the SMS.

We will also include a satchel for you to return the faulty hardware.

Here's where you can track your hardware:

Device Partner Track via
Modem Startrack
Fetch TV box Startrack
Fetch TV accessories Toll (Team Global Express)
Mobile SIM Australia Post n/a


We’ll contact you when we have an update available. You can also follow up by getting in touch on live chat.

From time to time our network or that of our partners may experience an outage that affects your internet service. There are two types of outages:


Planned outage

These typically relate to necessary maintenance works that must be undertaken to maintain the quality of the network. Since the work is planned ahead of time, we and our partners endeavour to perform these works in the early hours of the morning to minimise impact on you.


Unplanned outage

Unforeseeable events such as power outages, bush fires and equipment failures can cause unexpected outages to the network. As soon as we become aware of these, restoring the network becomes our top priority. This often involves a lot of investigation and coordination to locate the outage and arrange the appropriate workforce and materials to rectify it.


How to check for an outage

It's important to not only check the iPrimus network, but also the wholesaler network that your household is connected to.

iPrimus Network Status
nbn Network Status
Opticomm Network Status

If you are still having difficulties connecting to the internet once the outage is resolved, try a powercycle of your hardware.

Performing a powercycle is a great place to start when troubleshooting issues with the internet. Follow these steps to successfully powercycle your hardware:


1. Turn off the power to your router

This is best done with the switch at the wall socket, however some routers may have their own power button you can use (nb: the small pin-hole button is not the power button, so don't press this!)


2. Turn off the power to your connection box (if applicable)

If your router connects to a Network Termination Device (NTD), commonly referred to as a connection box, you can turn this off now too.

Not all internet services will have a connection box - check this handy table to determine if you have one:

Technology Type Connection Box
FTTP/Fixed Wireless Wall-mounted
FTTC Stand-alone


3. Wait 30 seconds

Even though the power has been turned off, it can take up to 30 seconds for residual power to drain from the router/connection box.


4. Turn on the power to your connection box and router


5. Wait up to 15 minutes for your connection to re-establish

Your router/connection box will power up promptly, however it can take up to 15 minutes for a connection to be re-established. Keep an eye on the 'internet' light on your router to know when it's ready to go!


If these steps don't fix your internet problems, you may want to check for an outage.