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Make and receive calls over your nbn internet connection using Home Phone (VOIP)! VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is the modern replacement for a traditional landline phone service.

All iPrimus internet plans come with a Home Phone (VOIP) service, and you can even add inclusions like unlimited local, national and mobile calls in Australia. To view our VOIP inclusions, head over to Toolbox and click on My Plan to begin a plan change.


How do I use my Home Phone (VOIP)?

  1. First, make sure your internet is working. If you need a hand with this, check out our setup guides for your iPrimus-supplied modem, and our Support Center if you're still having trouble.
  2. Now you can plug a telephone handset into the Phone or Phone 1 port on your modem.

That's it! Your modem will automatically configure itself and your VOIP will be ready to go. Read more about the features of Home Phone (VOIP).

Call Forward
  • To forward all calls immediately, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial: *21 [Phone Number] #
  • To cancel Call Forward Immediate, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial: #21#
Call Forward Busy
  • To forward calls when your phone is busy, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial:
    *24 [Phone Number] #
  • To cancel Call Forward Busy, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial: #24#
Call Forward No Answer 
  • To forward calls when you can’t answer your phone, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial:
    *61 [Phone Number] #
  • To cancel Call Forward No Answer, pick up your Lingo telephone handset and dial: #61#
Call Return
  • Call Return allows you to call back your last incoming phone call, received or missed, quickly and easily. You simply pick up your telephone handset and dial *10 and Lingo will automatically return your last incoming phone call.
Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting lets you take an incoming phone call while you’re already on the phone. Lingo places your first call on hold while you answer the second call. If you would like to turn off Call Waiting, you can do so call-by-call by simply picking up your telephone handset and dialling *44.
Last Number Redial
  • Last Number Redial lets you quickly and easily call the last number you dialled. Most phones have a redial button; but, if yours doesn’t, Lingo does. To call the last number you dialled, simply pick up your telephone handset and dial *66 and Lingo will automatically call the last phone number you dialled.
Calling Line ID (CLI) Delivery Blocking
  • To block your number when calling someone, pick up your telephone handset and dial 1831 before the phone number you are dialling e.g. 1831 [Phone Number]
Three-Way Calling
  • Depress the hook flash and dial the third-party.
  • Before or after the third-party answers depress the hook flash and forms a three-way call with the two parties.
  • To drop the third party, depress the hook flash and reconnect with the original party in a regular two-party call.
  • If the user hangs up, all parties are released.

You could have a line issue, faulty modem or an internal wiring issue. Visit our 'I have no dial tone' troubleshooting page and follow the steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

What happens next?
  • We’ll check things on our end, and see if the issue can be fixed remotely, without having to send a technician out .

  • Our faults team will investigate your case and work to resolve your fault as quickly as possible.

  • If required, we will work with any third-party suppliers to determine the best way to resolve the issue.

Then what?
  • We’ll send you an update via SMS within 24 hours of raising a service fault, where we will either confirm the technician’s appointment, or advise you of the next steps needed to resolve your fault.

Will you call me?
  • We are able to fix most faults remotely and will keep you updated via SMS. However, if the issue is a complex, we may call you to discuss further.

  • If we have organized a technician, they may call you to ensure you are home, and that there are no on-site risks.

We’ll contact you when we have an update available. You can also follow up by getting in touch via Live Chat.